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What can you do for me?

Ongoing Proactive Relationship

You stop by the doctor, the dentist, and the mechanic for regular check-ups. We can make your financial health part of your regular check-ups too—and do it for a set fee in your monthly budget. Depending on your situation we can look at any or all of the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Discussion of goals
  • Retirement Projection
  • Tax projection analysis
  • Which type of accounts to save to (401k vs Roth etc)
  • Investment Risk Assessment
  • Investment advice (not management)
  • Benefits Review
  • Insurance Review
  • Debt analysis
  • College Funding
  • Budget analysis
  • Estate planning discussions
  • One time decisions like employment changes, home purchase, etc.

Specific Questions or Projects

You’ve got questions, I can help you figure out your answers. Or, I can help you realize that you are asking the wrong question. After we discuss the parameters of the project, I’ll provide you with an estimate of what you can expect for the total cost. No project too small. Some of the questions we can address include:

  • How’s my retirement looking?
  • What is the effect of taxes on my savings strategy?
  • Should I refinance my house?
  • What kind of loan is best?
  • How can I understand my benefits at work?
  • What kind of retirement account should I use?
  • Should I pay off my mortgage or invest my money?
  • Which investments should I choose in my 401(k)?
  • How much life insurance do I need, and which kind?
  • Should I invest in rental property?
  • Here’s how I’ve approached things—what else should I be thinking about?

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