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 Let’s Meet

Schedule a free 30 minute intro meeting with me face-to-face (well, kind of—through Zoom video conferencing). Let’s talk about what’s on your mind.

Let's Talk

 Get a Tip!

Ask me a general financial planning question (can’t be too specific to you because I don’t know you) and I’ll send a personalized 2-3 minute video tip. Just click here and type your question followed by “Tip Me!” First Free Tip: Don’t ask me for a buy/sell recommendation on a stock or bond—if I knew I’d be day trading for a living! 

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 How Risky am I?

Get a free analysis of your personal risk tolerance in five minutes flat. Ask yourself, how does this match up with my current portfolio?


 Where’s my money going?

Use my financial planning software to aggregate your investment, bank and credit card accounts, and see your personalized balance sheet and budget reports. Disclaimer: I can see your summary reports but can NOT see your account log in information.

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